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Graduate Student Receives AUSOC-White House Correspondents' Association Investigative Journalism Award

Alexandra Ellerbeck

Alexandra Ellerbeck, a graduate student in Journalism and Public Affairs at American University School of Communication (AU SOC) has been awarded the 2020 AU SOC White House Correspondents’ Investigative Journalism scholarship, a $5,000 award.

The award, launched last year, is given to an undergraduate or graduate student in journalism at SOC who shows promise in the field of investigative journalism. The funding comes equally from the WHCA and AU.

“It is difficult to think of a more important time to honor the next generation of investigative reporters,” said Amy Eisman, director of the journalism division as SOC. “Alex’s work captures the tenacity, passion and high standards we expect of the next wave of journalists.”

The recipient is recognized along with other university scholarships nationwide. 
As part of her graduate education, Ellerbeck is a fellow at the Center for Public Integrity, and before that spent four years with the Committee to Protect Journalists. Her essay impressed judges with its clear writing and purpose as she shared an honest assessment of contemporary journalism with inspiration for the future. Ellerbeck also is attached to The Washington Post investigative unit through SOC’s graduate journalism practicum class.

Before coming to SOC, Ellerbeck, who was named to Forbes’ 2019 “30 Under 30: Media” list, worked in human rights. She was an advocate for free expression at Freedom House and then CPJ, where she ran the organization’s North America program. She has written for the Columbia Journalism Review, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy, Globe and Mail, Religion News Service, and the Progressive

WHCA partners with universities to encourage young journalists across the country. In addition to American University, the roster includes Arizona State University, Columbia University, Grambling State University, Howard University, Northwestern University, Ohio University, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Maryland and the University of Missouri.