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SciComm Media Lab Launches with Science March Video

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People standing with signs at the front of the march.
March for Science 2018

The Center for Environmental Filmmaking has launched its Science Communication Media Lab with the video SCICOMM: Raising Our Voice for Science in Public Policy.  Activists at the March for Science define the challenges of science communication practice, training and strategy. As marchers chant “science not silence” and “this is what a scientist looks like,” scientists talk about why they have come out of their labs, offices and classrooms to take a stand in the “war on science.”

“Scientists need to answer the call,” says Shirley Malcom of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  “We must listen to our neighbors, families and friends as they share their interests. We need to let that be the lead in for us to share our stories.  Who we are and why we do what we do, how science works and why it matters.”

It is in the spirit of the March for Science that the Science Communication Media Lab aims to demonstrate new ways to engage and inform the public through media and equip scientists and science advocates to effectively communicate the value and values of science.  

The 12-minute video is free to use and share at