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#MySOC Election Contest Winners Announced

Supporter at Bernie Sanders event in New Hampshire
Winning entry by SOC student Adrienne Salazar.

SOC students Adrienne Salazar @ohthatadrienne, David Lim @LimOpinion and Veronica Bonilla (verosofia2 on Instagram) have been selected as the winners in the latest edition of the #mySOC social media competition. In line with the theme "Share Your Election Story," all three winners leveraged their trip to cover the New Hampshire primary as part of an SOC/SPA course.

Each will now have a networking opportunity with a successful SOC alum. Salazar will connect with House of Representatives Communication Director Liz Payne (SOC/MA '12); Kim will have an opportunity to meet with House of Representatives Deputy Press Secretary, Lauren Reddington (SOC/BA '12); and PAC and Government Relations Manager at Vanguard, Alex Hula (SOC/BA '12).