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Alumna’s Sonic Jungle: Party with a Purpose

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Angela Del Sol (SOC/BA ’13) is an entrepreneur, who describes herself as “a dreamer and seeker at heart.” After graduating with a degree in public communication, Del Sol founded Solare, a creative communication and marketing agency committed to positively impacting the environment and bringing people together through art and culture.

Her latest endeavor is the creation of the Sonic Jungle, founded by Andre Golin in collaboration with Del Sol. This innovative 44,000 square-foot pop up project, launching on February 25 in Brooklyn, will take over a 3-floor building at 510 Flatbush Ave and will feature LED installations, film screenings, nature and sculpture art, wellness experiences, and live DJs from around the world, among other activities. The purpose of this project is to provide young creative people with an outlet and source of inspiration to tackle serious global environmental issues like climate change. 

"We are excited to bring together the most innovative and creative thinkers in one space to celebrate and collaborate, here, now," said Del Sol told the Brooklyn Eagle.

Although the Sonic Jungle will have “the nightlife aspect,” Del Sol said that “In 2018, we’re not opening a club. We’re opening a cultural center.” The idea is to bring artists together and give them a safe space to create. Through an artist residency program, NY artists will be provided with opportunities to experiment with the latest technology such as 3D printing and VR augmented reality. 

“We love to go out, we love all to experience new things, but we’re also tired of the same format of the same parties: Without any intention, without any soul. We’re trying to bring a purpose out of party. We still want to have fun and connect with each other, but we want to do it in a way that nourishes our bodies and minds. We believe we can bridge that gap,” said Del Sol. 

The three pop-up events will take place on Feb 25, March 11 and April 15 before the Sonic Jungle moves to a permanent location in Brooklyn in 2018.

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The Space // Sonic Jungle - Brooklyn 2017 from Sonic Jungle on Vimeo.