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Student’s Work Airs Nationwide in Honduras

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SOC Honduras PSA

American University student Rafaella Pastor's PSAs to raise awareness for the “Uno per Uno” campaign which raises money for pediatric cancer patients are airing throughout Honduras. 

A second year strategic communication student, Pastor started the project in memory of her cousin who died of cancer three years ago. She promised him she would help the Honduran Foundation for Kids with Cancer, a non-profit organization that provides everything from chemotherapy to transportation to poor families. 

“He inspired me to serve kids in Honduras who suffered from this merciless disease and are not capable of paying for their treatment,” she said. “My main idea was to create consciousness that it only takes 1 Lempira (monetary unit in Honduras) a day for a whole year to pay for the treatment of a child. That equals 365 Lempiras, and with that you can save a child's life.” 

Pastor contacted the President of the Honduran Foundation for Kids with Cancer about creating a campaign that would help people realize how easy it is to donate. 

For the PSA, Pastor reached out to several recognizable personalities in Honduras that could serve as role models. 

“These included television producers, news anchors, sport team leaders, an equestrian, a blogger, and even actors. I thought that if those busy people could leave a side a part of their day to donate and be part of this campaign why can't a normal personal do the same?” 

Everyone agreed to participate and the Honduran Foundation for Kids with Cancer gave Pastor the go-ahead to start her campaign. She also received full support from Televicentro, a large television network in Honduras. 

“They provided me the cameras and crew members I needed to conduct the production of this campaign, plus they also gave me two months of advertising and exposure on national television, and for that I am forever thankful.” 

SOC professor Pilar McKay is extremely proud that students such as Rafaella Pastor are making an impact. 

“When I saw these PSAs, I was excited about how she was putting class theory and work in to practice,” said Professor McKay. “Once you see them, you can see a level of transformative storytelling and production that is very exciting for an undergraduate. I'm exciting that Rafaella is - quite literally - producing "media that matters" so early in her career.”

Pastor said she hopes to continue her campaign to raise money for the Honduran Foundation for Kids with Cancer.

“I am a firm believer that what matters is not where you work, but what you work on because if you love what you are doing the final outcome will mark a difference in the company.”