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Getting to Picture Perfect

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At the start of my journey as a journalist, I interned for a photography magazine in Brooklyn, NY. While most of my job was content related, I occasionally had to do some photoshop and select images to pair with the articles I was writing.

I mentioned in an earlier post about how this is very crucial to the success of not just your webpage but your brand even if you are just blogging. To make things easier I compiled a list of a few places to get stock imagery if  you are not a pro when it comes to photography or maybe you are a startup and the budget is tight. These sites are free and not entangled in copyright battles. Most of them ask you to credit and not assume ownership of what you use.

Negative Space

The focus is important in all photos and Negative Space get’s it right down to every pixel.

2. Kaboompics

With the sharp, vivid imagery from this page your traffic may just blow up

3. Fancy Crave

You will get feed with the attention to detail this page makes an effort to it’s images.

4. Pixabay

Can you name more than one shade of green? You won’t have to with this site. They also provide videos and vector graphics.

ISO Republic

Will provide you with daily images if you are need inspiration.


6. PicJumbo

Yes, you can get it super sized with these photos and with the variety and easy search they are no short in delivery.