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Alumni Profile

Weekend MA Gave Perez the Skills to Get Ahead

By Michael Wargo

SOC Renato Perez weekend Producing for Film and Video

Renato Perez, SOC/MA ’10, credits the Producing for Film and Video weekend program with preparing him for the business and administrative side of his job as manager of the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Media Production Unit.

“My experience at work taught me the technical aspects of production, while the School of Communication enhanced my understanding of the business and administrative side of the field,” he said. “Also, because of the weekend format, I was able to attend classes that complemented my ongoing work experience.”

Before starting the weekend MA program, Perez worked as a Production Assistant for the Foundation. The job entailed supporting all multi-media needs of the foundation. After graduating, he was promoted to his current position, managing production of all multi-media projects including producing videos for the foundation’s online news organization, Kaiser Health News.

Perez says the diverse course curriculum was what drew him to the weekend program.

“The weekend program enhanced my understanding of the production process and how it can be applied universally – from low/no budget to million dollar films,” says Perez. “During the program, I learned everything from writing for film/TV to fundraising to intellectual property law. It is very comprehensive.”

He appreciated the faculty’s diverse real-world experiences in the production industry and their willingness to share it with the class.

“Their enthusiasm in the subject helped [when I was] getting up Saturday mornings for a full day of class.”

He said the balance of school and career was tricky – but manageable. Organization was the tool he used to make sure he could get what he wanted from both school and his career.

“It is difficult to comprehend that for almost two years you will have to give up 90% of your Saturdays. With that being said, it is an attainable goal and rewarding challenge.”