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Visions 2017: Media That Matters

Congratulations to the 2017 Visions Winners!

Craft Awards 


Arshum Rouhanian, Ginell Turner, Jack Cullinane, Marc Sheehan - “19 Listopadu”


Lindsey Sitz - “Cowlick”


Adili Ailixier - “Euthanasia”

Outstanding Environmental Production 

Nick Zachar - “Saba - The Unspoiled Queen”

Best in New Media

Abi Weaver - “Ockham’s Razor”

John R. Bowden Scholarship

Anna Moneymaker

Ron Sutton Award for Visual Literacy 

Matt Francisco 

Kim Herrera 

Melany Rochester 


Forman Award 

Meredith Bartley

Omar Tarbrush

Emma Martin

Pulitzer Center International Reporting Fellowship 

Erin McGoff

Natalie Hutchinson

Film + Video Undergraduate 

Outstanding Fiction Production

Abi Weaver - “My Ctyri”

Outstanding Documentary Production Long-form

Elizabeth Wilkins - “The Construct”

Outstanding Documentary Production Short-form

Daiei Onoguchi - “Sailing to the Dawn”


Outstanding Teleplay 

Becky Prosky - “Tinfoil Town”

Outstanding Short Screenplay 

Alexis Pazmino - “M For Maritza”

Outstanding Feature Screenplay 

Will Goodwin - “Snake Eyes”

Outstanding Documentary Screenplay 

Wei Wang – “The Kong Family”


Outstanding Fine Art/ Documentary Series 

Erin Doran

Outstanding Single Image 

Barry Worthington - Willis Tower With Window Cleaner

Honorable Mention
Seba Alluqmani - STOP 
Murugi Thande - Light and Shadow

Outstanding Portfolio 

Murugi Thande - “Commercial”

Outstanding Experimental/ Installation 

Steven Baboun - “The Last Haiti: The Moving Portraits”

Outstanding Music Video

Sufian Abulohom - “Know Myself”

New Media

Outstanding Animation

Abi Weaver - “Ockham’s Razor”

Outstanding Website 

Abi Weaver - “Informational Website”

Outstanding Commercial or Graphic PSA 

Alexis Pazmino - “False Confession”

Outstanding Video Mashup 

Lindsay Cobb - “Mudbloods and Refugees”

Outstanding Digital Still Manipulation 

Ashfia Khan - “At the Same Time + Youth”

Outstanding Web Series 

Sufian Abulohom - “Real Talk”

Film + Video Graduate 

Outstanding Fiction Production 

Ross Godwin- “9 Seconds”

Outstanding Documentary Production 

Matt Cipollone - a href="">“Dear Baltimore”

Outstanding Thesis Project 

Lindsey Sitz - “Cowlick” 

Sony Award for Outstanding Production 

Matt Cipollone - “Dear Baltimore”