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Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Program Master's degree options for Coverdell Fellows

American University has partnered with the Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program to offer Master degree options to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who will be able to choose from three degree programs in AU's School of Education (SOE). These programs are built on a cohort-based design, include discounted tuition for Coverdell Fellows, and are designed for those participants who want to make a lasting positive difference in the lives of children and engage in transformative education policy and practice.

Overview of Program Options

Tuition 2019-2020

Coverdell Tuition Comparison*(rates are for the total program)

Full Program Tuition Rates for AY 2020* Regular Tuition

Partnership Discount Student Tuition


Partnership Discount Student Tuition


  Student Payment Student Payment Student Payment
EdD: Education Policy and Leadership $75,920 not offered at this time $53,996
Post-Master’s Graduate Certificate (ASL) $32,616 $23,157 not offered at this time
MA: Special Education $60,289 $39,059 not offered at this time
MAT: Early Childhood $66,011 $39,059 not offered at this time
MAT: Elementary $60,611 $39,059 $37,918
MAT: English as a Second Language $66,210 $43,034 not offered at this time
MAT: Secondary $55,012 $39,059 not offered at this time
MEd: Policy Studies $55,012 $39,059 $39,059
Med: Policy Studies Hybrid $54,360 $38,596 not offered at this time
MA: International Training and Education $55,012 $39,059 not offered at this time

*All fees listed above are estimations and may vary depending on the number of cohort participant enrollments and actual increases in annual tuition.

Please note, American University will waive up to 3 credits for the MA (2) & MAT Elementary (3) (on-campus) programs for Peace Corps Coverdell participants.

Take Action!

AU Program Graduate Assistants and Program Directors are here to answer your questions! Ask us about:

  • Degree program content
  • Setting up a visit to a class
  • Partnership benefits

Educational Policy:, 202-885-6900

International Training and Education:, 202-885-6279

Special Education:, 202-885-3731

Teacher Education:, 202-885-3746

Informational webinars will also be offered in fall and early winter: Learn More

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