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Photograph of Tod Jones

Tod Jones Adjunct Professorial Lecturer Literature

Tod Jones
CAS | Literature
Battelle-Tompkins 100
Ph.D. English (UMCP, 1997)
M.A. English (SDSU, 1993)
B.A. Biblical Studies (Harding U, 1989)

I've been teaching academic writing since 1992, when I was a grad student at San Diego State University. When I moved from coast to coast in 1994, I began teaching both writing and literature at the University of Maryland College Park. There I taught for over twenty years. In 2021 I came to American University, where my wife, Karen, has worked for as long as I've known her. She is the Assistant Provost of Institutional Research and Assessment. Her office is on the first floor of Leonard Hall.

I've had some success at academic writing. Aside from a few journal articles, I've written two academic books, both histories of movements in philosophy and religion: The Broad Church: A Biography of a Movement (Lexington Books, 2003) is set in 19th century England, and The Cambridge Platonists: A Brief Introduction (University Press of America, 2005) is set in 17th century England. I'm also the editor of The Works of Francis William Newman on Religion: A Critical Edition, 10 vols. (Philosophy Documentation Center, 2009), which provides the final, approved editions of 96 separate titles authored by the freethinking younger brother of Cardinal John Henry Newman. I've also transcribed and edited Letters of Francis William Newman, Chiefly on Religion (PDC, 2009).

Backpacking is my extracurricular passion. Karen and I have hiked many trails together in the Grand Canyon and in the Grand Tetons. We have also hiked two-thirds of the Appalachian Trail's 2,194.3 miles and are committed to completing it.
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