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Jeffrey Madison AA AA

AB, Harvard University: Afro-American Studies and Visual & Environmental Studies (V.E.S.--a highfalutin Harvard term for "documentary filmmaking")

Post Graduate Program Certificate, Long Beach City College: Aviation, Professional Pilot

Project Management Certificate, Graduate School USDA

Post Graduate Certificate, Harvard University: Cyber Security Risk Management

Graduate with Distinction, American University 21st Century Leadership Institute--Cohort Four

MFA, Full Sail University: Creative Writing

Former television director; former Walt Disney Studios Writing Fellow and Hollywood scripter; former airline pilot; current award-winning screenwriter and director; current aviation columnist and published author; once used strategic communication and gumption to defeat a Goliath national fitness chain's attempts to put a local health club out of business, thus saving the jobs of 30 people; once started and grew a food scrap compost business using strategic communication, multimedia marketing and gumption, creating full time jobs for four military veterans; once flew Michael Jordan's mother from Chicago to Birmingham after an engine failure on takeoff.
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