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2015 Community-Based Heritage Language Schools Conference

Opening Plenary: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going as a Heritage Language Community?

Dr. Olga Kagan, National Heritage Language Resource Center (NHLRC), UCLA


Panel Presentations

Curriculum and Instruction 

  • Discussing a Basic Curriculum Development Structure for HL Community Schools - Ivian Destro Boruchowski, Florida International University
  • Curricula Used in French Programs - Jane Ross, President, French Heritage Language Program | French Heritage High School Curriculum 2014-2015
  • Instructional Approaches Using Technology - Tommy Lu, Chinese School of Delaware; Delaware Technical Community College

The Power of Collaboration 

  • Building Partnerships between Researchers and Stakeholders in Language Communities to Empower Collaboration - Ted Supalla, Sign Language Research Lab, Georgetown University
  • Engaging Parents as Advocates for Language Learning - Fabrice Jaumont, Cultural Services of the French Embassy | Face Foundation: French Dual Language Program Resources

Assessment and Credit for Proficiency 

  • Assessment Approaches in Programs - Habiba Boumlik, City University of New York, LaGuardia Community College
  • Gaining Credit for Proficiency and Seal of Biliteracy - Shuhan Wang, ELE Consulting and CELIN@Asia society


Lessons Learned from Establishing Programs and Building Collaborations

Facilitators: Marta McCabe, Durham Technical Community College and Mana Kharrazi, Iranian Alliance Across Borders (IAAB)

Promoting Program Quality and Sustainability

Facilitators: Ana Lucia Lico, ABRACE and Joy Kreeft Peyton, Center for Applied Linguistics

Heritage Schools Working With Partners to Promote Engagement and Language Development

Facilitators: Elena Lyutykh, Concordia University, Simeon Stumme, Concordia University and Pamela J. Konkol, Concordia University

Conference Resources

Challenges and Needs of Community-based Heritage Language Programs and How They Are Addressed Na Liu, Anne Musica, Silvia Koscak, Polina Vinogradova, and Jacqueline López, Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL), Washington, DC, February 2011

An Empirical Analysis of 'Acting White' Roland G. Gryer, Jr. with Paul Torelli, Harvard University and NBER October, 7 2006

Learning to Sprechen Sie Deutsch and More: The German Schools of Connecticut Polly Tafrate,, Spring 2014