ITEP Admissions & Courses



Students interested in learning about ITEP are invited to attend Virtual Open House events offered 2-3 times each fall and spring semester.

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ITEP program entrance semesters are Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Fall Merit Deadline: February 1
Fall Priority Deadline: March 30
Fall Final Deadline: August 1

Spring Merit Deadline: November 1
Spring Final Deadline: December 1

Summer Priority Deadline: March 6
Summer Final Deadline: April 3

If you have any questions about the below application requirements or the program, please send an email to

Online Application
• Unofficial Transcripts
• Statement of Purpose
• Resume
• Two (2) Letters of Recommendation (differs for partnerships)
• 6 months of International Study or Work Experience
• Language Proficiency Scores (for those whose native language is not English)

Note: Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores are not a requirement for admission.

Candidates are required to have international experience in order to apply—generally at least a semester of international study or work, with a strong preference for candidates who have worked and taught professionally outside of a home-country.

About a third of our current students are returned Peace Corps Volunteers or taught overseas through the JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program), Fulbright, World Teach, or other programs.


Throughout the program, students apply their own international education experiences and learn from faculty who are experts in both practice and research. In their culminating capstone project, students design and implement a training, curriculum, research paper, or evaluation in a context relevant to their professional interests and goals.


Each degree requires a total of 30 credit hours of approved graduate work, including the capstone.


Required (18 credit hours)

Core Courses

  • EDU-611 Social Theory and Educational Practice (3)
  • EDU-642 Training Program Design (3)

  • EDU-698 Comparative and International Education (3)

Research Methods

  • EDU-610 Overview of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Strategies (3)

  • EDU-790 Quantitative Research in Education (3)


  • EDU-685 Proseminar in International Education (3)

Electives (12 credit hours)

Complete 12 credit hours from the following, or other courses as approved by a faculty advisor, with at least 6 credits in the School of Education.

  • EDU-612 Equity and Education in the Global Context (3)

  • EDU-614 International Education Exchange: Policies and Practices (3)

  • EDU-647 Global and Multicultural Education (3)

  • EDU-648 Education Sector Assessment (3)

  • EDU-649 Nonformal Education and Development (3)

  • EDU-673 Culture, Identity and Education (3)

  • EDU-674 Education and Transitional Justice (3)

  • EDU-713 Advanced Training Program Design (3)

  • HLTH-575 Global Health (3)

  • HLTH-585 Global Health Policy (3)

Skills Institutes (1 credit hour each)

In addition to 3 credit elective courses, ITEP offers 1 credit practical, skills focused courses that take place on weekends. Examples include:

  • EDU-696-009 Monitoring and Evaluating in International Development and Education Interventions (1)
  • EDU-696-011 Participatory Research and Evaluation Methods (1)
  • EDU-696-012 Assessment of Student Outcomes in Intercultural Exchange/Education Abroad (1)
  • EDU-696-910 Education Sector Analysis (1)
  • EDU-627-001 Advanced Training Program and Design (1)
  • EDU-627-002 Online Training Program and Design (1)