School of Public Affairs

School of Public Affairs

Alum Receives Critical Acclaim for Debut Novel

During her time at American University's School of Public Affairs, Lara Prescott, SPA/BA ’04, knew she wanted to be a writer. After years of working on political campaigns after graduation, she took a risk, quit her “day job” and devoted herself to blending her love of politics with her love of writing fiction. Flash forward to the present day and her new book, The Secrets We Kept, has sold for $2 million at auction and has been optioned to be made into a movie.

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Over the past two decades, gentrification has become a norm in major American cities. As formerly low-income residents are displaced by white-collar workers and overpriced coffeehouses, the police behavior is shifting with the culture. With gentrification in cities like Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, comes an increase in policing and racial profiling.

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The Hard Questions: The Center for University Excellence Will Confront Pressing Issues in Higher Ed

Provost Emeritus Scott Bass and Professor Cynthia Miller-Idriss will lead a new research-based center.
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Portia Polk

Research ·

To Stay or Go? Why and How Millennials Job Hop by Sector

SPA Associate Professor Khaldoun AbouAssi conducted a study about how millennials switch jobs by sector.
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Headshots of Sine Fellows

Announcement ·

Sine Institute of Policy & Politics Announces New Class of Fellows

The Sine Institute of Policy & Politics has announced its new cohort of fellows and distinguished lecturers.
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