SPA Hosts Five Research Journals

SPA now hosts five journals that span public affairs, government, and law subject matter. Our faculty expertise is a draw for these journals, and we are honored to play a leadership role for these excellent publications.

American Journal of Political Science
Editor, SPA Professor Jan Leighley

Congress & the Presidency
Editor, SPA Assistant Professor Jeffrey Crouch

Journal of Behavioral Public Administration
Editor-in-Chief, SPA Distinguished Scholar in Residence Kenneth Meier

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
Editor-in-Chief, SPA Professor Erdal Tekin

Political Analysis
Editor-in-Chief, SPA Distinguished Professor Jeff Gill

New SPA Research

The cornerstone of SPA's success is its esteemed faculty, comprised of prolific scholars, researchers, lecturers, executives, and ambassadors – all leaders in their field. They delve into the complex and pressing issues of our time, yielding real-world, practical solutions for pressing problems.
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