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The Excellence with Impact Initiative

In Fall 2014, SPA introduced a new program to promote the broader engagement of faculty and students in public affairs both on and off campus. Through this initiative, called “Excellence with Impact” (EwI), the school 1) implements a series of activities to enhance the school’s visibility and engagement, and 2) supports its faculty members in sharing their work more broadly with scholarly and policy communities. Faculty members and administrators both in and outside the university have acknowledged the uniqueness of this program that offers opportunities to expand research and impact.

The Excellence with Impact initiative is tracked in four categories: Research & Rankings, Partnerships & Relationships, Visibility, and Programs.

In the two years since its launch, SPA’s Excellence with Impact initiative has:

  • increased the engagement of faculty in a broad range of activities that enhance scholarship
  • enhanced SPA’s visibility
  • forged partnerships with important organizations, and
  • broadened the school’s impact in the academic and policy arenas.

The Excellence with Impact program has built momentum for the school. SPA receives requests from prominent speakers, agencies and organizations about potential partnerships. The initiative has helped to set SPA on a trajectory of success that we look forward to continuing.

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SPA faculty members can apply for funding through the Excellence with Impact initiative in order to share their expertise more broadly.

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Excellence with Impact Proposals 59

Proposals Approved 51

Proposals Completed 41