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Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies

Advisory Boards

The research work and teaching at the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies would not be possible without the efforts of many people who offer their advice and expertise. On this page, we recognize their efforts on behalf of CCPS.

 Executive Board

Kim Alfano - Alfano Communications

Gary Andres - The Dutko Group, Inc.

Kenneth E. Bentsen - Senior Advisor, Public Strategies, Inc.

Michael Berman - The Duberstein Group

Jeffrey Birnbaum - The Washington Post

Glen Bolger - Public Opinion Strategies

Joel Bradshaw - Joel Bradshaw Associates

Susan Bryant - Research/Strategy/Management

Jay Bryant - Research/Strategy/Management

Timothy Clark - Government Executive

Charles Cook - Cook Political Report

Anita Dunn - The Houser Group

Rob Engel - National Committee for an Effective Congress

Paul Equale - Equale and Associate

Frank Fahrenkopf - American Gaming Association

Ron Faucheux - American Institutes of Architects

Tony Fazio - President and Founder, Winning Directions

Wilma Goldstein - Office of Women's Business Ownership

Patrick Griffin - Academic Director, PIAA

Martin Hamburger - Laguens Hamburger Stone

Robert Healy - Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates

James Lauer - Lauer Research, Inc.

Mark Lotwis - InterAction | A United Voice for Global Change

Terence McAuliffe - Democratic National Committee

Raymond McGrath - Downey McGrath Group

Robert Merry - Congressional Quarterly

Candice Nelson - American University

Gary Nordlinger - Nordlinger and Associates

Tom O'Donnell - Doak, Carrier, O'Donnell & Associates

Richard H. Rosenzweig - Natsource, LLC

Steven Stockmeyer - Stockmeyer and Company

William Sweeney, Jr. - President of IFES

James A. Thurber - Chairman

Martin Tolchin -

Anne Wexler - Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates

Carol Whitney - Whitney and Associates, Inc.

 Academic Board

Richard A. Baker - Historian Emeritus, U.S. Senate, Historical Office

Jon R. Bond - Texas A&M University

Charles S. Bullock III - University of Georgia

Colin Campbell - University of British Columbia

David T. Canon - University of Wisconsin

Joseph Cooper - Johns Hopkins University

Roger H. Davidson - University of Maryland, Emeritus

Christopher Deering - George Washington University

Christine DeGregorio - American University

Lawrence C. Dodd - University of Florida

George C. Edwards III - Texas A&M University

Diana Evans - Trinity College

Richard Fenno - University of Rochester

Louis Fisher - Congressional Research Service

Jeff Gill - University of California, Davis

Susan Webb Hammond - American University

Paul S. Herrnson - University of Maryland

Charles O. Jones - University of Wisconsin-Madison, Emeritus

Burdett Loomis - University of Kansas

David Magleby - Brigham Young University

Thomas E. Mann - The Brookings Institution

Terry M. Moe - Stanford University

Candice J. Nelson - American University

Walter Oleszek - Congressional Research Service, LOC

Bruce L. Oppenheimer - Vanderbilt University

Norman J. Ornstein - American Enterprise Institute

Samuel C. Patterson - Ohio State University, Emeritus

Ronald M. Peters - University of Oklahoma

James P. Pfiffner - George Mason University

Lyn Ragsdale - University of Arizona

Bert Rockman - University of Pittsburgh

David Rosenbloom - American University

Catherine E. Rudder - George Mason University

Barbara Sinclair - University of California-Los Angeles

James A. Thurber - Chairman

Stephen Wayne - Georgetown University


Kris Amundson - Delegate, Virginia 44th

Bob Bauer - Perkins Coie

Bob Blaemire - Catalist LLC

Nancy Bocskor - The Nancy Bocskor Company

Tom Bonier - National Committee for an Effective Congress

Bruce Cain - Dir., Institute for Governmental Studies, UCB

Stephen C. Craig - Dir., Political Campaigning Program, UF

David Dulio - Assistant Prof. of Pol. Sci., Oakland University

John Green - Dir., Bliss Institute of Applied Pol., U. of Akron

Janet Katowitz - Mundy Katowitz Media, Inc.

Robin Kolodny - Associate Prof.of Pol. Science, Temple U.

Burdett Loomis - Professor of Political Science, U. of Kansas

Stephen K. Medvic - Associate Professor of Political Science, Franklin and Marshall College

Jef Pollock - Global Strategy Group

David H. Rosenbloom - Distinguished Professor of Public Administration, American University

Stuart Rothenberg - Rothenberg Political Report

Sheldon Smith - Sheldon Smith Inc.

Steve Stenberg - The Strategy Group

Marty Stone - Stone's Phones