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This publication is an interdisciplinary journal of political science and history, published by American University's Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies since 1984. The journal is now being published three times a year. Congress & the Presidency features articles on Congress, the President, the interaction between the two institutions, and national policy-making.
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Manuscript Submission

To submit a manuscript, visit our online submission and review site:

Articles should be double-spaced throughout, using reference-in-text format, with footnotes, references, tables, and figures on separate pages. Total pages, including abstract, tables, references, figure or table captions, and endnotes should not exceed 40 pages (250 words per page). Congress & the Presidency follows the APSA Style Manual.

To allow for a blind review process, the manuscript itself should be anonymous and not include any information that identifies the authors or any collaborators in the work.


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Editorial Team

Jeffrey Crouch, American University

Editor Emeritus
James A. Thurber, American University

Reviews & Book Editor
Adam L. Warber, Clemson University

Managing Editor
Ryan DeTamble, American University

E. Scott Adler - University of Colorado
John Aldrich - Duke University
Julia Azari- Marquette University
David Barker - American University
Terri Bimes - University of California, Berkeley
Sarah Binder - George Washington University
Jon Bond - Texas A&M University
MaryAnne Borrelli - Connecticut College
Janet Box-Steffensmeier - Ohio State University
Brandice Canes-Wrone - Princeton University
Michael Crespin- University of Oklahoma
George C. Edwards III - Texas A&M University
C. Lawrence Evans - William and Mary University
Jasmine Farrier- University of Louisville
Morris Fiorina - Stanford University
Matthew Green- Catholic University
Lori Cox Han- Chapman University
John R. Hibbing - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Karen Hult - Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Vincent Hutchings - University of Michigan
Jeffery A. Jenkins - University of Southern California
Nancy Kassop - State University of New York, New Paltz
Keith Krehbiel - Stanford University
Gregory Koger- The University of Miami
Frances Lee - Princeton University
Forrest Maltzman - George Washington University
Seth Masket- Denver University
Kenneth Mayer - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nolan McCarty- Princeton University
Vincent Moscardelli - University of Connecticut
John Owens - University of Westminster
Paul Quirk - University of British Columbia
Andrew Rudalevige - Bowdoin College
Brian F. Schaffner - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Eric Schickler- University of California, Berkeley
Wendy Schiller - Brown University
Stephen Skowronek - Yale University
Steven S. Smith - Washington University in St. Louis
Charles Stewart, III - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Matthew Streb - Northern Illinois University
Terry Sullivan - University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Michele Swers - Georgetown University
Keith Whittington- Princeton University
Daniel Wirls - UC Santa Cruz
Gerald Wright - Indiana University

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