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Thomas Mann

GOP Most Responsible for Political Dysfunction

Top scholars from around the United States examined political polarization from a variety of perspectives at a recent conference on "American Gridlock: Causes, Characteristics and Consequences of Polarization."

Despite the negative stereotypes, American University professors and students explain the merits of lobbying.

The “L” Word

Despite the negative stereotypes, AU professors and students explain the merits of lobbying.

SPA Leadership students stand outside of the Capitol.

SPA Gives Low Down on the Shutdown

The SPA community sought to better understand the recent 16-day government shutdown in a number of ways, from watching the Senate debates in person, hosting experts to debate the issues, and helping drive the conversation in the media.

Photo by Andreas Praefcke,

Exploring Seismic Shifts in U.S. Communities

New SPA research project outlines how upheaval at the local level is dramatically changing the U.S. Rapid changes in technology and economics are redefining the social, political, and cultural fault lines of the nation.