US-China Education Trust (USCET)
Biannually, CCPS and USCET coordinate educational programs for Chinese nationals in China and Washington DC.

The New York Times
In 2017-2018, CCPS partnered with Eric Lipton of the New York Times to create an official Trump administration deregulation tracker/tool, to document the flurry of deregulated activity occurring.

Congressional Management Foundation (CMF)
CCPS is collaborating with CMF to study legislative compromise/obstinacy.

National Issues Forums
CCPS collaborates with the National Issues Forums to host one forum per year, on a controversial policy issue, to cultivate a more reasonable public square.

The US Capitol Historical Society (USCHS)
In partnership with the US Capitol Visitor's Center and the Hewlett Foundation, awarded us a grant of $50,000 to organize a conference and series of symposia in 2018-2019 on The Separation of Powers.