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Investor Summit Rallies the Green to go Green

Ban Ki-Moon
Credit: United Nations

"Today, I call on the investor community to build on the strong momentum from Paris and seize the opportunities for clean energy growth,” exclaimed United Nations Secretary General Ban-Ki-moon at the 2016 Investor Summit on Climate Risk.

Co-hosted by Ceres, the United Nations Foundation and the United Nations Office for Partnerships, it explored the investment opportunities provided by the landmark agreement signed at the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21).

The Investor Summit on Climate Risk included speakers Mayor Michael Bloomberg, CEO of Bank of America Brian Moynihan, and Ceres President Mindy Lubber. Lubber was recently named a winner of the 2016 William K. Reilly Awards for Environmental Leadership.

“Not all of the burden is on you, but this audience is uniquely positioned to change the course of history,” said Lubber to the audience of 500 global investors.

In his speech Secretary General Ban-Ki-moon called for a doubling of 2015’s renewable investments, which would topple $600 million. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimated that the commitments made during COP21 would require investments of $16.5 trillion by 2030.