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Center for Environmental Policy Searching for Paid Intern to Work on Water Program

The Center for Environmental Policy at the School of Public Affairs is pleased to announce an opportunity for MPA and MPP students to apply for a paid internship for the 2016-2017 academic year.

The Pisces Foundation will host an AU student in their Washington, D.C. office for the fall and spring semesters. The Pisces foundation supports organizations working to advance environmental education, improve the stewardship of water resources, and reduce global climate change.

The intern would work directly with the Water Program Director, and would be entrenched in issues surrounding water resources in the U.S, while also learning about environmental philanthropy and environmental policy and law. Interns would also develop their organizational, research, and strategic planning skill sets.

"I have learned how philanthropy confronts national environmental challenges, particularly in the water sector,” said 2016 Pisces intern, Stephen Sweeney SPA/MPP. “I had the opportunity to support the water director in implementing the Pisces Foundation’s strategic water plan and performed a number of grant analyses.

"Grant topics included sustainable stormwater, green infrastructure, integrated water management and water-related climate change mitigation strategies. Currently, I am performing research into cities with a potential for elevated levels of lead in water supplies due to lead leaching in light of the Flint water crisis."

For more information, click here. Applications are available here.

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