Current Projects

Conceptual Innovations in Environmental Policy

This is a joint project led by James Meadowcroft of Carleton University and Daniel Fiorino of the Center for Environmental Policy at American University. It is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities of Canada.
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Partnership on Technology Innovation and the Environment: Water Technology Initiative

In this project, the Center for Environmental Policy provides management and analytical support for the Partnership on Technology Innovation and the Environment and its first initiative on water technology innovation. The water technology initiative began in January 2014 and will conclude its initial phase with a workshop in June 2014.
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Collaborative Governance Mapping Project

This project seeks to map the connections between concepts related to collaborative governance in an effort to promote advancement in the field by connecting literature across academic disciplines. The lack of concise terminology describing collaborative governance phenomena is a barrier for theory building. Research assessing collaboration as a governance strategy frequently fails to include relevant studies due to the lack of a common vocabulary. This project begins to address this issue by distinguishing collaborative governance terminology and drawing linkages between scholars who are using different terms to describe the same thing.
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