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Center for Public Finance Research


  • Center for Public Finance Research

    Marvin Ward
    Assistant to the Executive Director

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Our Work

Areas of Focus


  • Health policy
  • Infrastructure policy
  • Energy policy
  • Urban public transportation policy
  • Entitlement reform and tax policy


  • Cost-benefit analysis of international development projects
  • Public sector reforms
  • Fiscal and Political Decentralization
  • Public expenditure reviews
  • Capital planning, budgeting and financing
  • Macroeconomic and fiscal policy management


CPFR signed an agreement in 2008 with Development Alternatives, Inc (DAI) to provide specialized training and technical assistance work in public finance and democratic/economic governance. This work will be provided on a competitive win basis under the Support for Economic Growth and Institutional Reform (SEGIR III) contract with USAID.

Pursuant to a contract with the Central Bank of Haiti (BRH), CPFR staff conducted in 2009 an intense one-year program of technical assistance and training in public finance and policy analysis for 20 participants selected by the Government of Haiti. Courses were delivered in Port-au-Prince on such topics as: tax policy/administration, microeconomic analysis, financing government services, budget process, and infrastructure planning and financing.