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DPAP Ph.D. Students Win National Research Awards

Photo of Bill Resh, Amanda Girth, and Sarah Pettijohn

Three DPAP PhD students/alumni have recently been notified that they have been named winners of major national research awards.

Amanda Girth, PhD, DPAP 2010, has been named the 2011 winner of the American Political Science Association’s Leonard White Award for the best dissertation in the field of Public Administration. Amanda’s dissertation, “Accountability and Discretion in the Age of Contracting: When and Why Do Public Managers Implement Sanctions for Unsatisfactory Contract Performance?” was written under the direction of Jocelyn Johnston (chair), Robert Durant, and Anna Amirkhanyan. Amanda will be joining the faculty at the Glenn School at Ohio State University in August 2011.

Bill Resh recently received the competitive 2011 Paul A. Volcker Junior Scholar Research Award, also from the American Political Science Association. Bill’s dissertation, “Rethinking the Administrative Presidency: Trust, Intellectual Capital Building, and Appointee-Careerist Relations,” supervised by Robert Durant (chair), David Pitts, and Patricia L. Sykes, will be completed in July. Bill will join the faculty at the School of Environmental and Public Affairs at Indiana University in August 2011.

Sarah Pettijohn, third year DPAP Phd Student, has been selected an Emerging Scholar for 2011 by the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organization and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA), the leading scholarly association studying nonprofit organizations. The Emerging Scholar Award was created by ARNOVA to help develop the next generation of scholars, foster dissemination of research into practice, and enhance practitioner involvement in the creation of usable knowledge. Selection is based in part on the quality of the student's proposal for the annual ARNOVA conference, and on the relevance of his/her research to advancing scholarship on nonprofit and voluntary action. The award includes a monetary grant. Sarah will present two papers at the November 2011 annual ARNOVA conference in Toronto. The first is entitled "Closing the Nonprofit Income Gap: Illusion or Reality?" The second, "Revisiting Tax Deductions for Nonitemizers: Lessons for the Future," is co-authored with Jaclyn Schede, DPAP PhD student and Adjunt Instructor of Public Administration and Policy.

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