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Roger W. Jones Award for Executive Leadership Nomination Procedure

Nominations are due February 3, 2020 and may be submitted online or by email to:

Nomination Criteria

The criteria for this prestigious award for federal career executives (members of SES) are demonstrated exceptional capabilities in the following areas:

  • superior leadership which has resulted in outstanding organizational achievements
  • a strong commitment to bringing about effective continuation of government by helping to develop the careers of people who will serve as managers and executives in the future federal service

Presidential appointees and other administration appointees are invited each spring to submit nominations of career executives responsible to them who have demonstrated outstanding executive leadership.

Required Documentation

To nominate a candidate, the following four documents and files are requested:

  • a brief biographical sketch including employment and significant awards (not to exceed two pages)
  • a narrative description of the nominee's superior leadership that resulted in outstanding organizational achievement, making clear the achievement's nature and significance and the career executives specific role (not to exceed three pages)
  • a narrative description of the nominee's strong commitment to effective continuity of government, through successful development of managers and executives, including the nominee's specific actions and success in institutionalizing the development of career executives and individual managers and executives (not to exceed three pages)
  • a signed cover letter from the head of the agency, or other appropriate administration appointee, recommending the nominee for the award.
  • a professional, high resolution headshot of the nominee.

The award ceremony, held in the fall on the American University campus, honors the year's two recipients, each of whom also receives a cash prize of $2,500.