Vincent Chapa Recruitment Manager SPA - AU MSOD

Vince Chapa is the Recruitment Specialist for the MSOD program in the School of Public Affairs . His professional background is in staff recruitment, marketing and communication strategy development a

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Julie Coe Academic Counselor SPA - School of Public Affairs

Julie Coe is the Academic Advisor for the Master of Public Administration Program in SPA. Prior to coming to SPA, Julie spent two years as the Program Coordinator for GPS online programs in the Schoo

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Alexander Engelsman Program Specialist SPA - Public Admin and Policy

Alex is the Program Specialist for the Masters of Public Administration and Master of Public Policy, helping the Program Directors of those degrees to better run those programs. Before joining SPA and

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Subhiya Idilbi Associate Director SPA - Key Leadership Program

Sophie Idilbi is the Associate Director for the Key Executive Leadership programs; she joined the Key staff in the fall of 2007 as an advisor for the Key Executive Leadership Certificate Programs. Sop

  (202) 885-6256

Denise Johnson Staff Assistant SPA - AU MSOD

Denise Johnson is the Staff Assistant with the American University Master of Science in Organization Development (AU MSOD) program; she joined the program in the summer of 2006. In her role, she manag

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Karina Kainth Academic Counselor SPA - Public Admin and Policy

Karina Kainth is the Academic Advisor for the Master of Public Policy Program in SPA. Prior to joining SPA, Karina served as a Program Manager for an education technology firm, coordinated intercultur

Janet Nagler Part Time Staff SPA - Public Admin and Policy

Janet Nagler has been an Academic Counselor at American University since 1981, when she began advising adult and nondegree students, both graduate and undergraduate in the (former) Continuing Educatio

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Undergraduate Counselors

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