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Photograph of Jason Rosensweig

Jason Rosensweig Adjunct Professorial Lect Department of Government

PhD, 2017 - University of Chicago, Committee on Social Thought (Political Science & Philosophy)

MA, 2007 - University, of Chicago, Committee on Social Thought

MA, 2004 - Stanford University, French Literature

BA, 2004 - Stanford University, Comparative Literature

Last year I completed a PhD in the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago. My work was on political philosophy and the history of political thought, about the nature of community in free societies, and what our understanding of that nature tells us about how to get along together, and how to balance realism and idealism. My research as focused particular attention on David Hume, Adam Smith, Edmund Burke, and Bernard Williams, and, more recently, American founding and politics. My work spans politics, philosophy, and history.

Prior to that, I received a BA and MA from Stanford University in Comparative Literature. I moved back to DC, where I grew up, to begin to make the transition to policy work. Among others, my current interests include: foreign policy, especially conflict management and the issue of intervention, localism and devolution of power, higher education, and free speech. I am committed to thoughtful, rigorous, practical, and non-partisan policy solutions.
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