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SPA's Government doctoral students are equipped with the skills to have immediate impact.

With expertise spanning public management, global health governance, regulatory policy and more, our PhD candidates bring the knowledge and action necessary to make great impact in the fields of public administration and public policy. Each of them are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scholarship to new heights, educating the next generation of public affairs leaders, and researching the significant issues of the day.

Doctoral Students

Samantha Guthrie Adjunct Instructor

Samantha Guthrie is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Government studying American Politics. Her research interests include, executive and legislative relationships, state politics, the presid

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Simon Heuberger

Simon is a second-year PhD student with concentrations in American Government and Quantitative Methods. His research focuses on the intersections between public opinion, polarization, and news media.

Danielle Higgins

Danielle Higgins is a doctoral student in Political Science at American University's School of Public Affairs. Danielle specializes in Comparative Politics, with an emphasis on Gender Politics and qua

William Jorgeson

Will Jorgeson is a PhD student in the Department of Government. Originally from Clinton, Mississippi, before coming to American University, he received BA degrees in Philosophy and Economics from Miss

Luciano Melo

Luciano Melo is a doctoral candidate researching democratic enclaves in autocratizing countries, especially in Latin America and Russia Prior to coming to the U.S. he was was an instructor in Negotia

Scott Patrick Student Wages

Scott Patrick is a first-year doctoral student in Government with Comparative Politics as his primary field. After growing up in Oklahoma and the United Arab Emirates, he attended the University of Tu

Barbara Soares Lima Dos Santos

Barbara dos Santos is a doctoral student in the Department of Government studying Comparative and Environmental Politics. Her research is focused on the influence of environmental interest groups in e

Daniela Stevens Adjunct Instructor

Daniela Stevens is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science in the School of Public Affairs and a recipient of the 2014 Tinker Field Research Grant, which supported her doctoral dissertation research ti

Sasa Tang

Sasa Tang is a doctoral student studying Middle Eastern politics in the Department of Government. Her research interests includes; social movements, political violence, women's movements, terrorism, a