team meeting

The Justice Programs Office has conducted over 1,800 technical assistance, research, training, and evaluation projects for:

Local and State Governments

  • Improvement of criminal and civil judicial process and dispute resolution alternatives
  • Efficient utilization of justice system and human services resources
  • Formulation of orderly processes for policy and programmatic change
  • Improvement of interagency and community relations
  • Training programs for judges, prosecutors, public defenders, judicial system managers, and general government elected officials
  • Planning and assessment of correctional options/intermediate sanctions and other alternative disposition programs
  • Facility planning and security audits/improvement programs
  • Improved management of the court caseflow process, including pretrial release alternatives and delay reduction.

Federal Agencies

  • Assessment of national drug abuse control strategies
  • Federal/state relations regarding:
    (a) justice system resource allocation and
    (b) cooperative law enforcement and prosecution efforts
  • National technical assistance and training programs to support state and local justice system improvement

International Organizations and Agencies

  • U.S. justice system seminars for official foreign visitors to the U.S.
  • Comparative justice system analyses and documentation
  • International seminars, workshops, and conferences on justice system issues
  • Information and technology transfer
  • U.S. liaison for the Moscow Research Center for Human Rights
  • Judicial system improvement intiatives in Latin and South America providing alternatives to incarceration for drug offenders through development of treatment and other programs.