JPO Faculty & Staff


Julie Baldwin Scholar in Residence SPA - School of Public Affairs

Julie Marie Baldwin, PhD, is a Research Professor in the Department of Justice, Law & Criminology at American University. She specializes in translational and evaluation research with a focus on court

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Steven Collins Senior Program Associate SPA - JPO/JLC

Steven Collins is a Senior Program Associate at American University’s Justice Programs Office. He currently works on the office’s Racial and Ethnic Disparities Program Assessment Tool and Leadership T

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Matthew Collinson Adjunct Instructor SPA - School of Public Affairs

Matt Collinson is a Senior Research Specialist / Senior Program Associate working on the OJJDP-funded Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts (JDTC) Initiative at the Justice Programs Office (JPO) at American

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Karen Lash Practitioner In Residence

As a political appointee in the Obama Administration, Karen A. Lash served in leadership positions at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office for Access to Justice (ATJ) and as the first Executive Dir

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Preeti Menon Sr. Assoc. Director SPA - JPO/JLC

Preeti P. Menon is the Senior Associate Director at the Justice Programs Office. She is passionate about bringing collaboration and communication as important bases for the success of any initiative.

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Zoe Root Part Time Staff SPA - JPO/JLC

Zoë is Senior Policy Counsel at the Justice Programs Office (JPO) and an Adjunct Instructor in the School of Public Affairs at American University. At JPO, she works on the Right to Counsel National C

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