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The Justice in Government Project Toolkit

Over the next year, The Justice in Government Project will add information and case studies to support state collaborations between civil legal aid and local and state government policymakers. Check back periodically to see what’s new!

Information about legal aid and different government policy priorities

FAQs About Legal Aid and Federal Block Grants

Webinars About Legal Aid and Effective Government

Victims of Crime ACT (VOCA) Victim Assistance Formula Grant Program Resources

In 2017, the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation received a VOCA grant to increase access to legal services for victims of violent and economic crimes in the state. The Civil Legal Aid for Victims of Crime (CLAVC) initiative helps victims of crime throughout Massachusetts with their related civil legal problems — including family law, housing, immigration, disability rights, child welfare, education, consumer, identity theft, employment rights and public benefits. There are six regional CLAVC-funded legal aid programs and three statewide CLAVC-funded legal aid programs.

Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance’s press release for civil legal services available for Massachusetts crime victims

In 2016, the Washington State Office of Civil Legal Aid (OCLA) established the Integrated Civil Legal Aid to Crime Victims Program. The effort was informed by findings in the 2015 Civil Legal Needs Study which found that victims of crime experience civil (non-criminal) legal problems at substantially higher rates than the general public. Recognizing that many civil legal problems arise from criminal acts directed at victims themselves, OCLA proposed to establish a comprehensive statewide system that connected civil legal aid attorneys with crime victim first responders – law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, community-based advocates, shelter and human service providers, and others.
Washington State Office of Civil Legal Aid report, Civil Legal Aid to Crime Victims Program summary of VOCA-funded civil legal aid services to victims of crime

Washington State Civil Legal Aid to Crime Victims Plan

The US Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime has a resource map where you click on your state to find your state’s administering agency, information on events, statistics, compensation and assistance, and VOCA performance reports. The state’s assistance report shows data by year of the federal awards amount, the number of sub awards, and the balance remaining. It also provides information on the number of individuals VOCA-funded services served including legal services. If your state does not have an updated performance report (it should be FY2017), contact your state’s VOCA administrator.

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