Training and Advisory Board Members

MOSAICS’ Training and Advisory Board is comprised of some of the nation's foremost human trafficking experts, including those with lived experiences of trafficking. The board ensures our training and technical assistance is informed by a diverse range of viewpoints and expertise-including legal, mental health, and research professionals- and is inclusive of both labor trafficking and sex trafficking. Board members deliver MOSAICS training and technical assistance to courts, host MOSAICS webinars, and speak at conferences around the country.

Jane Anderson, Attorney Advisor with AEquitas

Jane Anderson brings her expertise in prosecuting human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual violence to her role as an Attorney Advisor with AEquitas. Prior to joining AEquitas, Jane served as a prosecutor in Miami, Florida where she was a founding member of their human trafficking task force, focused on improving the identification and response to victims of trafficking. Jane tried many of Florida’s first human trafficking cases, including cases against buyers, cases built on digital evidence, and cases where charges such as racketeering, child pornography, and money laundering were used to hold offenders accountable while minimizing the need for victim testimony. Jane develops and delivers training and technical assistance around the country and she serves as the Task Force Liaison for several human trafficking task forces. 

Headshot of Jean Bruggeman

Jean Bruggeman, Executive Director, Freedom Network USA

Jean Bruggeman is the Executive Director of Freedom Network USA (FNUSA), the nation’s largest alliance of advocates working with survivors of all forms of human trafficking in the US. FNUSA uses a human rights-based approach to ensure that trafficked persons have access to justice, safety, and opportunity through coalition-building, training and technical assistance, and policy advocacy. Ms. Bruggeman served as a Human Trafficking Fellow with the Office for Victims of Crime within the US Department of Justice from 2012 to 2015. She has over 20 years of victim services experience and expertise in nonprofit management, language access, immigration, human trafficking, and domestic violence. She is a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center and Bryn Mawr College, and is a member of the District of Columbia and Maryland (inactive) bar associations.

Evelyn Chumbow Headshot

Evelyn Chumbow, Anti-Human Trafficking Activist

Evelyn Chumbow is a survivor of child labor trafficking turned anti-trafficking activist and public speaker who has focused her life’s work on ending modern day slavery. She has served as an advisor and consultant to several anti- human trafficking organizations, including the Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking, The Human Trafficking Pro Bono Legal Center, and Free the Slaves. She is an appointed member of the US Department of State’s US Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. She also serves as an advocate and mentor for fellow survivors. Ms. Chumbow is the recipient of the 2015 Presbyterian Peace Fellowship’s Peaceseeker Award and the 2018 African Heroin award by Ohio University’s African Students Union. She earned her bachelor’s degree in homeland security studies from the University of Maryland University College in 2013. She currently works as a project assistant at the law firm of Baker & McKenzie LLP in Washington, DC, where she supports human trafficking and human rights related pro bono initiatives.

Allison Franklin Headshot

Allison Franklin, Survivor Leader

Allison Franklin is a passionate and dedicated Survivor Leader. She works with national, state, and local stakeholders to find innovative solutions to eradicate commercial exploitation and the systemic practices that fuel oppression and stigma. Allison brings her own lived experience of trauma, mental health, and incarceration to her work and has a special focus on changing the narrative of survivors involved in the criminal justice system. She serves as the 2018-2020 Hogg Foundation for Mental Health Peer Policy Fellow for the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition and as a consultant for National Criminal Justice Training Center. Allison is an accomplished public speaker. She is a student at the University of Texas pursuing a degree in communications. 

Miriam Goodman, Clinical Director, Women's Prison Association

Miriam Goodman has over 10 years of experience working with survivors of trauma and trafficking. She currently is the Program Director of the Women’s Prison Association's alternative to incarceration program, JusticeHome. JusticeHome is a trauma-informed and gender-responsive alternative to incarceration program for women of all experiences. JusticeHome specializes in working with survivors of trauma, specifically survivors of intimate partner violence and sex trafficking who are criminalized for their survival.  She was formerly the Assistant Director of Anti-Trafficking and Trauma Initiatives at the Center for Court Innovation where she designed programming for people arrested on prostitution charges as an alternative to jail.

Jeanette Hussemann, PhD Principal Research Associate, Urban Institute

Jeanette Hussemann, PhD is a principal research associate in the Justice Policy Center at the Urban Institute. Her research focuses on victimization, legal aid, and access to justice. She currently directs studies of human trafficking, elder abuse prevention, and indigent defense reform. Prior to joining Urban, she worked as a research partner to the Hennepin County Public Defender’s office and as social worker in Chicago and Minneapolis. She received her PhD in sociology from the University of Minnesota.

Tyesa Harvey Headshot

Tyesa Harvey, Advocate

Tyesa Harvey is a passionate advocate and educator on the issues of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Tyesa, herself a survivor of domestic sex trafficking, knows the depths of trauma inflicted by these heinous acts. Beginning at age 14, she was trafficked for 16 years. During this time, she gave birth to twins with whom she credits for saving her life. She utilizes her testimony to educate and raise public awareness of the challenges survivors face after breaking free of the chains of trafficking. She has testified before California’s state senate, been interviewed on television, and her story was featured in “Shattered Dreams,” an award-winning documentary on sex trafficking. Ms. Harvey is currently a student at Santa Monica College, studying communications and public relations. 

Megan Lundstrom Headshot

Megan Lundstrom, Executive Director, The Avery Center for Research & Services 

Megan Lundstrom is the founder and Executive Director of the Colorado-based, nationally serving non-profit, The Avery Center for Research & Services. The organization is dedicated to economic empowerment of survivors of domestic sex trafficking and specializes in programming and advocacy in rural areas. The Avery Center also provides survivor-centered academic applied research on the commercial sex trade. Ms. Lundstrom began consulting with Larimer County’s Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children’s Multi-Disciplinary Response Team in 2017 and has remained a steering committee member through the present. Ms. Lundstrom has been a consultant for the Polaris Project and the Department of Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign. She has created and delivered numerous training and educational presentations both in the academic community as well as for agencies. Ms. Lundstrom is currently a fellow for the Office for Trafficking in Persons’ Human Trafficking Leadership Academy. Ms. Lundstrom’s research on cultic theory was internationally published through the United Nations University’s Delta 8.7 and presented at the International Cultic Studies Association annual conference, both in 2018. Ms. Lundstrom holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in sociology, both from the University of Northern Colorado.

Evelyn Mccoy Headshot

Evelyn F. McCoy, Research Associate, Urban Institute

Evelyn F. McCoy is a research associate in the Justice Policy Center at the Urban Institute, where she conducts research on incarcerated women, alternatives to incarceration, prison and jail programming, and human trafficking and survivors’ experiences in the justice system and with community-based service provider agencies. Ms. McCoy has expertise in program design and implementation, mixed methods research, policy analysis, and technical assistance. She co-leads the evaluation of MOSAICS and forms part of the Evaluation of the Enhanced Collaborative Model to Combat Human Trafficking research team. She earned her master’s degree in sociology and public policy at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, where her research focused on victim services and service delivery models for youth survivors of sex trafficking. Ms. McCoy earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Colleen Owens, Founder/CEO, The Why

Coleen Owens has over a decade of experience directing and implementing research on human trafficking and training and technical assistance. Ms. Owens is also the recent founder and CEO of THE WHY, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating modern slavery, promoting and supporting sustainable and ethical design, and economically empowering survivors. Previously, she co-directed a $4.1+ million portfolio of research on human trafficking at the Urban Institute. Her research has included analyses of labor trafficking across multiple American industries, and, among others, studies on trafficking survivors’ perceptions of justice and the challenges of prosecuting perpetrators of human trafficking. She also helped design and operate the first national data collection system on human trafficking for the federally funded task forces. 

Darlene Pawlik Headshot

Darlene Pawlik, Anti-human Trafficking Consultant

Darlene Pawlik is an educator, consultant, lobbyist, public speaker, and author in the human trafficking field. She is a juvenile sex trafficking survivor. She escaped at the age of 18 while pregnant. She has since earned a degree in nursing, married, and raised five children. She served on the board of New Hampshire Right to Life for 20 years, including several terms as president. Recently, with the New Hampshire Human Trafficking Collaborative Task Force, Darlene has provided training to lawyers, law enforcement, legislators, social service providers, and healthcare professionals on working with survivors of childhood trauma and human trafficking. 

Dalia Racine Headshot

Dalia Racine

Dalia Racine is a former prosecutor with a specialized focus on human trafficking and violence against women and girls. Ms. Racine began her career at the Crimes Against Women and Children Unit and the Major Case Unit in Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney’s office. There she prosecuted sexual and physical assault of women and children, including homicides. As a result of her trial experience, Ms. Racine was recruited to join the Crimes Against Children Unit at the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office in Decatur, Georgia. She initiated the creation of a specialized human trafficking unit and a task force comprising representatives from law enforcement agencies, the Department of Family and Children, schools, service providers, the medical community, and elected officials. Ms. Racine currently serves as Attorney Adviser at AEquitas. AEquitas' mission is to improve the quality of justice in human trafficking, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking cases by developing, evaluating, and refining prosecution practices that increase victim safety and offender accountability.  

Lovestar Rogers, Advocate 

Lovestar Rogers is a Harlem-born twenty-one-year-old singer, songwriter, and women’s advocate who has done a lot of living in a short period of time. She is currently studying at Columbia University’s Justice-in-Education Scholar Program and working as an intern at the school’s Center for Justice. Ms. Rogers is also a member of the Justice Ambassadors Youth Council, a program at the Center for Justice that brings youth ages 16-24 and city officials together to co-author and present policy proposals focused on issues that impact youth across New York City. As part of the program, she has presented to City Council, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, and the New York Police Department, among others. Ms. Rogers helps oversee many administrative and programmatic aspects of the program as well. She is also a respected motivational speaker who has shared her story with audiences across the city. She plans to graduate from Columbia University, attend law school, and become an attorney so that she can advocate on behalf of children with similar backgrounds of verbal and physical abuse.

Charlotte Weber headshot.

Charlotte Weber, MSW, LSW

Charlotte Weber is a licensed social worker and currently provides behavioral health training and technical assistance to service providers in the Philadelphia area. She previously served as the Women’s Services Coordinator of the Center for Court Innovation’s Hidden Victims Project, where she provided counseling and advocacy services to survivors of trauma and sex trafficking with criminal justice involvement. Ms. Weber has worked in criminal courts throughout New York City and has focused on engaging courts to improve survivor experiences. She has provided training to judges, lawyers, and service providers on working with survivors of trauma. Ms. Weber holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work from New York University.    

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