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Incorporating Trauma Responsive Practices into the Courtroom

Despite our best intentions and efforts to be procedurally fair and humane, court proceedings are often traumatic events for human trafficking survivors, especially those survivors who are arrested and charged with criminal offenses. By learning more about the genesis and manifestations of traumaCourtroom and adopting changes to court practice, justice professionals can reduce the harm inflicted on survivors and increase trust. Watch this MOSAICS online learning course to explore how you can incorporate trauma responsive practices into your courtroom.

This online learning course:

  • Provides an overview of trauma
  • Explains how justice professionals can recognize and respond to trauma
  • Gives examples of trauma responsive practices and policies

Presented by Miriam Goodman and Charlotte Weber

Recording to be posted soon.

Coming Next

November 12, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. EST
Scope of Criminalization of Trafficking; Beyond Prostitution

Introducing MOSAICS

In our first webinar, we explain MOSAICS’s focus on developing appropriate court responses to survivors of human trafficking facing criminal charges, our approach to training and technical assistance, and how courts can apply work with the project. If you are interested in applying for training and technical assistance, we encourage you to watch this webinar to gain a deeper understanding of our project.

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