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Training and Technical Assistance

MOSAICS training and technical assistance (TTA) assists courts in advancing the identification of and responses to survivors of human trafficking who are facing criminal charges. Our training is centered around creating trauma-responsive courtrooms to reduce the harm and the re-victimization that, too often, plays out in legal proceedings.
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Qualities of MOSAICS TTA


  • For entire court teams to be trained together – including judges, attorneys, court clerks, court managers, court officers, correction officers, probation/parole officers, and others
  • Tailored to the needs of specific jurisdictions
  • Will help courts build sustainable relationships with community partners

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Building skills in the following areas:

Identify: Reviewing case reports, Relationship building, Screening clientsRespond: Systematic response to charges, Individual case options, Referral partnership with providers, Alternative sentencingReduce Harm In Court: Policies and procedures to create a more trauma-responsive courtroom

Requirements to Participate

If you're interested in MOSAICS TTA here are a few things to consider:

  • TTA is a time commitment. You will need a commitment from all court staff and justice professionals to participate in TTA. This includes:
    • Completing a survey about court practices and procedures (1 hour)
    • Interviews with training faculty (0.5 - 1 hour per interview)
    • Being present for the entirety of direct TTA (several hours to three days)
  • TTA involves implementing change over time. Court teams should be committed to applying what they learn in TTA to their own practices and programs.
    • MOSAICS staff will help courts develop a strategic plan to manage changes and provide follow-up assistance
    • After TTA, court staff will hold any needed additional meetings with stakeholders, create new tools or policy guides, and other activities to put the changes into practice

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