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Research to Practice Initiative

The National Center for State Courts has teamed with American University for an Adult Drug Court Research to Practice Initiative to promote the timely dissemination of information emerging from research on addiction science, substance abuse treatment and adult drug court programs. With funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the National Institute of Justice, the R2P initiative will produce a series of webinars, webcasts and other work products that disseminate important research to practitioners and policymakers.

Please visit the new R2P website for more information on current and future information resources including:

  • Videos on Performance Measurement and Program Evaluation for Drug Courts.
  • An upcoming webinar on Appropriate Target Population.
  • An upcoming webcast on The Role of Medication.

Project Contacts

Tim Jeffries
Bureau of Justice Assistance/National Institute of Justice

Linda Truitt
Bureau of Justice Assistance/National Institute of Justice