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Maintaining Momentum Keynote Speaker: Glenn E. Martin

On March 30, 2017, the Justice Programs Office at American University hosted an event, Maintaining Momentum: Redefining the Purpose of Incarceration in the Ongoing Conversations about Criminal Justice Reform. The keynote speech was given by JustLeadershipUSA's Glenn E. Martin, with introductions from Dean Romzek and JPO Director Kim Ball. View Glenn's speech and other recordings of panels and sessions from the event here.

Criminal Caseflow Management - National Judicial College

Drug Courts in the United States: Interview on Illinois Public Media with Caroline Cooper and Judge Jeffrey Ford

Court TV: Class Action: Drug Courts

Wilmington, Delaware Drug Court

Denver, Colorado, Drug Court: The News Hour with Jim Lehrer

Spokane County Felony Drug Court

F.I.R.S.T. Oakland, California

Problem-Solving Approaches to Support Justice

The NJC and the Australian Centre for Justice Innovation (ACJI) have collaborated to produce a package of materials to support Magistrates and others in adopting these approaches where appropriate. The materials focus on interventions, strategies and skills that can be used by Magistrates that support procedural justice and problem-solving.

Module 1: Introduction

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The NJC Experience Module 1 from ACJI on Vimeo.

Module 2: General Techniques Used in Court

Module 3: Sentencing Approaches

Module 4: Post-Sentence Judicial Monitoring

Module 5: Issues and Options

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The NJC Experience Module 5 from ACJI on Vimeo.

Module 6: Conclusion - Eight Key Messages

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The NJC Experience Module 6 from ACJI on Vimeo.

STEP 20 Years of Mecklenburg, North Carolina, Drug Court