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Drug Court Technical Assistance

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American University provided technical assistance and training services to adult drug courts under a cooperative agreement with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). The BJA-funded Adult Drug Court Technical Assistance Project (DCTAP) offered a wide range of free and cost-share services to drug court and other problem solving court programs that focused on services to substance abusing offenders to promote improved program effectiveness and long term participant success. Available BJA DCTAP services included:

  • Conducted on-site program assessments and other site services to address issues relating to program policies and practices and assist with strategic planning, program design, data collection and analysis, and other operational issues.
  • Developed tools for BJA grantees and other drug courts to assess progress in achieving program goals and implementing the "Key Components".
  • Provided a wide range of office-based assistance, including facilitation of topic specific conference calls and webinars; compilation/dissemination of operational resources relating to drug court policies and operations; and off-site consultation on planning and implementation issues which, for various reasons, do not warrant on-site services.
  • Promoted peer-to-peer interchange and net-working on common implementation issues and promising practices through the project's "FAQ" series, listserve and other activities.
  • A project website ( on which is posted over 15,000 downloadable documents relating to drug court issues, including compilations of relevant caselaw, statutes, and court rules updated annually; program manuals; research reports, participant handbooks; forms and orders; and law journal and other reference materials.