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Key Executive Leadership Programs

Key Students at NATO in Brussels, BE June 2011

Key Abroad

Key students compare governance systems while studying abroad in Brussels, BE.

Key Abroad: Brussels

Through the course Politics, Policymaking, and Public Administration (PUAD 627) students have an opportunity to study abroad in Brussels, Belgium for a one-week intensive course.

During the course, students examine both the European Union (EU) and American systems of governance to understand how policies and legislation are adopted, implemented, and enforced. Students evaluate and identify what is the same, what is different, and why the respective systems have developed as they have.

What to Expect

The first two days of the course at AU, provides a review of the structure of US governance; and from that standard base of understanding the relationship between the different stake holders, law makers and policymakers is explored. This prepares students for the second part of the course in Brussels.

In Brussels, students learn from high-ranking officials from the EU Parliament, Commission and Council, and from staff members of various governance entities. In addition, students will spend a day with representatives from NATO, discussing current controversies in the NATO community.

Student Experience

"The biggest benefit of the Brussels trip was the ability to interact with our public servant colleagues in the EU. To hear their differing views on the role of the EU in Europe and the similarities of public service provided insight that could not be drawn from our textbooks." -Russell R., Summer 2012

Images from Brussels