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Key Executive Leadership Programs

About the Key Executive Leadership Certificate

Based on the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) developed by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Key Executive Leadership Certificate is designed to provide a unique experience for enthusiastic and seasoned manager who have an interest in strengthening management skills, heightening leadership skills, and furthering their public service career.

Creating a participative and rigorous learning environment, students acquire contemporary public management knowledge, values, and skills; develop the personal leadership capacity needed to implement what they learn; transform themselves from good managers to extraordinary leaders; and become lifelong learners.

The Key Distinguishing Factors

The Cohort Approach

The Key Executive Leadership Programs uses the cohort model, in which students matriculate, advance, and graduate together. With a maximum of 20 students, students begin to create a trusting environment that builds through the program and enables knowledge transfer, enhanced communication, honed teaching skills, honest feedback, and a career-long support group.

Executive Coaching

In addition to the course work, students will also receive one-on-one executive coaching designed to help develop their emotional intelligence and transfer the learning and knowledge acquired from the course modules to their specific work situation. A personal coach is assigned to work with each student. Participants will gain greater insight into their personal leadership style and approach as well as provide a forum for them to process personal feedback, seek advice on management and leadership skills, and develop an action plan for continued personal and professional development.

“Pracademic” Faculty

Known for their prominent reputation in public administration, executive education, and adult learning Key “Pracademic” Faculty lead relevant and engaging discussions advancing student’s knowledge in the five areas identified by OPM as critical to success in the Senior Executive Service (SES)—leading change, leading people, results driven, business acumen, and building coalitions.


Over the course of the 8-month program, students are provided and expected to read approximately 20 books. The books provide students foundation for the classroom discussions. The Key Programs believes reading is necessary to expand a range of choices for actions.