Key Community Highlights

We are putting the spotlight on Key alumni & students, who share what they do and what inspires them to learn, lead, and serve.

The Key Executive Leadership Programs has a large community of nearly 10,000 students and alumni who do amazing work for all levels of the government. In the all-new Key Community Highlights series, we are putting the spotlight on Key alumni and current students, who share what they do, what inspires them, and Key's impact on their career.

Shirley A. Jones, Esq. Key Cohort: GAO 6

Shirley Jones

"The Key Programs helped me hone my abilities to be a more effective coach. It also brought me closer to the other executives in the cohort with whom I have established a lasting bond and network."Read More About Shirley

Suzana Chowdhury Key Cohort: OIG Emerging Leaders 33

Suzana Chowdhury profile photo

"As an Auditor in Charge, I am constantly in a position of negotiation. The EmL 33 program prepared me to negotiate and address the differing ideals of my team members in a more constructive way. The program equipped me to understand the interest of my team members and helped me to navigate in finding long term solutions that satisfies the need of the audit/evaluation, the team member, and ultimately, the organizational goals."
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Kareen Sanchez Key Cohort: OIG Emerging Leaders 30

Kareen Sanchez profile photo

"As a proud indigenous Mexican-American, I demonstrated leadership skills at Peace Corps by finalizing an agency charter for the first Indigenous Rising (IR) Employee Resource Group. The mission of IR is to create an open space where all Peace Corps employees with or without indigenous dissent can discuss their roots, heritage, and look forward towards a post-colonial reclamation of indigenous identity."Read More About Kareen

Daniel Renz Key Cohort: OPM 1

Daniel Renz profile photo

"The Key teachings closely align with core elements of executive leadership principles and concepts while maintaining its own uniqueness that sets it apart from other similar educational and training programs."

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Charlotte Izzard Key Cohort: OIG Emerging Leaders 32

Charlotte Izzard profile photo

"The teachings in the key program helped me to enhance my ability to collaborate with other leaders, to strengthen relationships, and develop methods to carry out tasks within the organization efficiently and effectively. In addition, I have gained critical perspectives and knowledge to take wise actions amidst complex and rapidly changing conditions within the organization, contributing to the mission."Read More About Charlotte

Amir Paul Key Cohort: Key Executive MPA 47

Amir Paul photo

"My ability to effectively communicate drastically improved because of Key. I have always been able to articulate my needs but incorporating emotional intelligence and empathy in my professional workspace has been life changing. On my leadership journey, I use the information I learned in Key to assess situations and build strategies to accomplish the task at hand while helping those on my team strengthen skills."
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