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New Supervisor Leadership Development Program Overview (15 Days) GS Level 7-10 (or equivalent schedules)

Rochelle Howard at 2019 Women in Leadership Forum

The United States Office of Personnel Management points out in its Classification and Qualification Guide that supervisors have a responsibility to not only be leaders, but to do so while exhibiting a myriad of adaptive leadership skills including: conflict management, continual learning, creativity and innovation, developing others, external awareness, human capital management, leveraging diversity, partnering, generating public service motivation, and teambuilding. This stands in stark contrast to the focus on technical expertise we so often see early in federal careers.

Participants in this program will be encouraged to explore themselves, adaptive thinking, how to create and communicate vision, and how they can engage with those they lead to create energized teams that exceed agency goals. They will also engage in experiential-based and self-directed learning activities as supported by their agency mission and work together in a cohort environment to build the inclusive skills needed to address the inevitable conflict that occurs in a fast-paced, diverse workplace.


  • It Begins With You - Managing to Leading (2 Days)
  • Building Impactful Teams (2 Days)
  • Managing Conflict (2 Days)
  • Supervisor as Coach (2 Days)
  • Leading with Integrity (2 Days)
  • Managing Organization Change (2 Days)
  • Coaching (Optional - 3 Days)

More Information

Executive Coaching

The ESCI 360-degree evaluation tool is administered at the beginning of the Program to identify behaviors that contribute to emotionally and socially effective performance. The ESCI feedback report shows the coachee how others—manager(s), direct reports, peers, etc.—experience the coachee’s behavior in terms of the consistency with which the coachee demonstrates the emotional and social intelligence competencies.

Coaching Summary for New Supervisor Leadership Development Program

Total Sessions

2hr ESCI Feedback Sessions 1.5hr Coaching Session
4 1 3

Total: 6.5 Hours

The Key Experience

After 20 years in the Army, and many training events, I can say with certainty that the J Band training in concert with the one on one coaching is the best training/program that I've had...ever, Thank you TSA and AU for changing my life!

—Key Student in TSA Leadership Institute J10 Cohort on their experience with Executive Coaching

This has been one of the best courses and opportunities I have had in my professional career. I highly recommend Tracy, [Key Executive Coach], to any senior professional.

Key Student on their experience with Key and Executive Coaching

Great program. I particularly appreciated that the instructors gave time for us to learn from each other and didn't just lecture at us. They could have just lectured; instead they mentored and coached. The conversations we had were very meaningful. I already have a list of ideas that I want to implement. Thank you.

Key Student on their experience with the Key OIG Program