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Leadership Program

Leadership Program Application Process

Interested students are evaluated through an online application, which will be available in early summer of 2015 and requires:

  • Login information for myau.american.edu
  • class of 2013

    Leadership Program seniors reunited in their final semester with a capstone seminar.

  • Identifying information
  • 3 short, but compelling, essays (500-700 words each). We recommend completing your essay in Microsoft Word (or other word-processing program) and then pasting into the application:
    1. Please describe what leadership means to you. Support your answer with a description of your work on at least one project or endeavor that has been important to you and your resulting development as a leader.
    2. Please explain an experience you had working in a team or group in which you worked to overcome some obstacle or adversity. This may be in the context of extra-curricular or curricular activities, or in your family or religious or civic organization. What did you learn about yourself and about leadership from this experience?
    3. After reviewing the Leadership Program Web site and syllabi for courses, what particularly interests you about participating in this program? Why do you want to join?
  • Your resume (We are seeking a list of your activities and accomplishments. Your resume need not be anything fancy.)
  • 1 online recommendation from someone who knows you well, but is not a relative, who can discuss your leadership abilities.

Additionally, we will consider the applicant’s high school transcript that has already been included with the student’s application to AU; applicants need not submit another copy of their transcript. However, academic achievement is just one factor in the selection process. While many Leadership students excel academically, others excel in other ways.

We look forward to reading your application!

Class of 2019

The application will be available in the early summer of 2015. Read about how to apply »