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Food for Thought: A Breakfast of Sorts

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Upperclassmen share advice about college with freshmen students
Upperclassmen share advice about college with freshmen students.

The Leadership Program holds several “Linners” throughout the year. These Leadership dinners serve to bring students from all grades together. The first Linner was dedicated to talking about the transition to college. This Linner’s theme was “Breakfast for Dinner.”

As students ate a wide variety of breakfasts foods made by the Events Committee, headed by David Shadburn ’15 and Harry Weiss ’15, students sat around tables and talked. Upperclassmen gave both formal talks and informal pieces of advice to the freshman class about adjusting to college, dealing with homesickness, and the benefits of taking advantage of the helpful resources American University has to offer for such challenges.

Leadership sophomore and teacher assistant Kendall Karr described the Linner as “...a great opportunity to mix classes and keep conversations informal.” The Linner also gave the freshmen an opportunity to interact with older Leadership students in a casual environment. Older students gave positive tips on how younger students could face obstacles and make the best of their college careers.

“I enjoyed the Linner because it showed me that a little bit of homesickness is okay and that it gets better,” said freshman Leadership student Chris Choban. The Linners exist as a way to reach out to the new leadership students and make them feel at home, involved, and included in the Leadership family.