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Draft Manuscripts

"Roots of the Riots" by Dr. Derek S. Hyra.

In the 1960s many American cities burned as social unrest was ignited by urban renewal, police brutality, and an economy that expanded but did not sufficiently reach certain vulnerable and disadvantaged populations. While we have experienced much stability in urban America since the riots of the 1960s, in 2014, 2015, and 2016, three major riots occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland, and Charlotte, North Carolina, all triggered by police action. Since these more recent riots, we have witnessed urban protests around the country and calls for an end to police brutality targeting African Americans. This research seeks to understand how other 21st century dynamics, beyond police action, undergird today's riots, protests, and political instability. This research will contribute to our understanding of the linkages among urban policy, race, and democracy in the United States.

Working Papers

Early Care and Education and Children's School Readiness: Do Impacts Vary by Neighborhood Poverty?

An empirical study of how neighborhood's social and institutional resources may affect children's achievement or moderate the influences of other developmental contexts, such as early care and education

by Dr. Taryn W. Morrissey and Katie Vinopal

The Fragmented Evolution of Racial Integration since the Civil Rights Movement

This paper explores the causes behind the growing number of integrated neighborhoods and the still-high levels of racial segregation in most U.S. metropolitan areas

by Dr. Michael D. M. Bader and Dr. Siri Warkentien

Gentrification and Racial Representation: A Comparative Analysis

by J. Rosie Tighe, James Wright, Robert Renner, and Derek Hyra

Policy Briefs

Policy Brief on Mayor Bowser's Proposed Charter School Walkability Preference