Use of Self Residency

The Airlie Center offers MSOD cohorts a setting conducive to reflection, dialogue, and study.

The Use of Self Residency is a week-long intensive course offered at an off-site retreat facility outside of Washington, DC. The off-site location provides MSOD cohort members with an exceptional and time-honored environment for deep learning, open dialogue, and new understandings.

AU MSOD cohorts continue the legacy of going to a "cultural island" to focus on Use of Self in Professional Practice during their first year of the MSOD education. This residential course explores theories and concepts related to building, maintaining, and enriching effective interpersonal relationships and the use of self as a practitioner in consultative and change processes. The highly experiential course builds skills and self-awareness relevant to working with individuals, small groups, and large organizations.

Being "in residence" is an important element in the learning process. During the Use of Self Residency, the cohort experience is deepened. Opportunities arise to examine and learn from the cohort's dynamics. In addition to the class sessions, AU MSOD students take time to refresh and rebuild, enjoying the natural setting, socializing, and reflecting on their experiences thus far.

What Students Say

"[The faculty's] ability to teach theory that is applicable to the everyday interaction has inspired me beyond what I am able to articulate. [They] have watered a seed long planted and I look forward to bringing forth fruit. Thank you for your contribution to my life and work."

"Experiencing the discovery and learning of self in the cohort context. Experiencing my head, my heart, and my body."

"I loved it. I will have learnings show up for the rest of my life from this course."

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