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New Zealand Ambassador Speaks to Students

Ambassador Mike Moore of New Zealand

Ambassador Mike Moore of New Zealand

Ambassador Mike Moore of New Zealand visited SIS Tuesday, March 5 to discuss trade patterns and globalization with the three-year B.A. Global Scholars students.

Moore discussed his own political history and the country's economic past and future candidly. "The best thing I did for New Zealand - certainly the most popular - was leave," he said.

New Zealand's technological profile is rising, Moore said. "Don't think of New Zealand as a place of dead sheep." However, agriculture is still a primary source of income, and with more efficient use of water and farming, the country also has turned to the wine industry, which Moore described as "extremely competitive."

From 1999 - 2002, Moore was the Director-General of the World Trade Organization, and much of his talk focused on New Zealand as part of the world's economy and the country's interest in globalization.

"It [globalization] shouldn't be idealized or demonized," said Moore. "It's a process that's been going on since man stood upright and looked over the hill. It's a constructive thing. It can't be stopped, because it is what our species is about."

He said that globalization and competition are useful tools for bringing the world's economies together.

"Competition drives out the bad guys," said Moore. "The more competition you get into an economy, the more open it is, and the more successful it'll be. Every indicator shows that globalization is not only a human rights good, but a moral good. How do we get another one to two billion people into the global economy and not lock them out? They're not just consumers - they're producers and they're citizens."

Moore previously served as a Labour Prime Minister of New Zealand. He also served as the country's Deputy Minister of Finance, Minister of Overseas Trade and Marketing, and as a Member of Parliament.