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Conference Panel to focus on Work of SPA’s Rosenbloom

David Rosenbloom

The work of SPA's David Rosenbloom, Distinguished Professor of Public Administration, will be the focus of a panel at the upcoming Public Management Research Conference. Rosenbloom's scholarship will be explored in a session, "Defining Public Administration in Japan and Singapore: An Application of Rosenbloom's Three-Perspective Model," presented by Naomi Aoki, National University of Singapore, and Jed Kee, George Washington University.

SPA will also be well represented by 10 faculty and 9 doctoral students who will participate in 15 sessions and panels at the conference to be held at the La Follette School of Public Affairs University of Wisconsin-Madison on June 20-22, 2013.

SPA Presenters

Susannah Bruns Ali
Where are They Going and Why? Middle and Upper Level Turnover Intent at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Susannah Bruns Ali* and Lewis Faulk
Smart Scaling: Ensuring Sustainable Human Services for Vulnerable Populations (with Jasmine McGinnis)

Anna Amirkhanyan
Going Beyond Service Delivery: Exploring Contractors' Stewardship Role in Promoting Citizen Participation (with Hyun Joon Kim and Kristina Lambright)

Chris Birdsall* and David Pitts
Performance Based Funding in the Higher Education Context: Empirical Evidence from Pennsylvania

Chase Bricker*
Decentralization's Push for Trust in Local Management: The Case of Uganda

Michael Hayes*
Budgetary Constraints and Employee Turnover: The Case of Binding School District Tax and Expenditure Limitations (TELs)

Jocelyn Johnston and Rebecca Yurman*
Outsourcing Food Safety: What are the Implications of Reliance on Third Parties for Regulatory Inspections?

Laura Langbein and Edmund Stazyk
Diversity, Tasks, and the Performance of Public Sector Employees (with Steven Kelman)

Gwanhoo Lee
IT Resources, Organizational Capabilities, and Value Creation in the Public Sector Organizations - Public Value Management Perspective (with Min-Seok Pang)

Jiaqi Liang* and Laura Langbein
Performance Management, Bureaucratic Accountability, and Pollution Emissions in China

Ned Malone*
Representing the Globe: The Determinants of Representative Bureaucracy in International Organizations

John Marvel*
Turnover, Vacancies, and Leadership Continuity: Does a 'Broken' Appointment Process Have Discernible Organizational Effects? (with William Resh and David Nixon)

Sarah Pettijohn*
Understanding Nonprofit Performance: The Case of Nursing Homes

David Pitts
The Pay and Status of LGBTs in the Federal Service (with Gregory B. Lewis)

Barbara Romzek, Jocelyn Johnston, and Jaclyn Piatak*
Examining Multi-Sector Service Delivery Networks: Informal Accountability, Goal Conflict, and Hierarchy (with Kelly LeRoux)

Jaclyn Piatak*
Sector Switching in Good Times and in Bad: Are Public Sector Employees Less Likely to Change Sectors

Edmund Stazyk
A Fresh Take on Affective Commitment: Applying a New Goal Ambiguity Taxonomy (with Randall Davis)

* PhD student