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PPL Scholars Visit Oyster Adams School on Constitution Day

First-year Politics, Policy, and Law scholars spent Constitution Day volunteering and working with students at Oyster Adams Bilingual School. The PPL scholars worked with 4th-8th grade students for an hour, discussing the U.S. Constitution, its history and origins, what's in it and what it's designed to do. Students and scholars alike were involved in an interactive discussion based on specific constitutional questions.

Lessons also dealt with complex hypotheticals connected to cases that students were currently studying in school. Oyster Adams' sixth grade students, for example, were reading Enrique's Journey, a timely story of a young Honduran boy on a quest to find his mother who has gone to find work in the United States. These students focused the discussion with the SPA students on constitutional laws and readings relevant to immigration law.

"Some of the students had ideas much more complex than what even I would have drawn up for the assignment," said Magdalene Bedi, PPL scholar. "There's a lot of potential to create interest in policy and law with younger students, it just takes relating the subject matter to their age group and peers."

Students at Oyster Adams offered the first-year scholars a great experience in return for their teaching.

Nick Guthman, PPL scholar, was inspired by the opportunity to go to Oyster Adams. "Looking back on Constitution Day, I can't help but to feel joy. I want to be a teacher one day, and considering my interests I will probably teach Civics or U.S. History, and I thought this was a nice peek to what the future may hold."

Once the lessons finished, the PPL scholars took part in enjoying another Washington, DC staple – Adams Morgan's Jumbo Slice pizza.


Roquel Crutcher contributed to this article.