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SPA Grad Council

SPA Graduate Council

Mission Statement:

The School of Public Affairs' Graduate Student Council ensures that SPA graduate students receive a well-rounded experience at American University by providing opportunities to serve, network, and develop both academically and professionally amongst our peers, faculty and in the greater Washington public affairs arena. Additionally, we aim to advocate for the expressed concerns and needs of the student body to ensure all desires are met and or at least addressed by the AU administration.

About Us:

The GSC is comprised of three committees: the Community Service Committee, the Social Committee, and the Academic Affairs Committee. Additionally three department student representatives set on the council to ensure that the individual departmental needs are addressed.

The Council is currently looking to fill the positions of student representatives for each department (GOV, JLC, DPAP) and Chair for each committee. If you are interested in getting involved please email

The SPA GSC Executive Board

President, Liz Mariapen
Vice President, Alex Van Hook
Chief of Staff, Katrina Ballard
Director of Finance, Shawn Stern
Director of Communication, Sarah Dice

The Public Purpose-
The Interdisciplinary Journal of American University’s School of Public Affairs:

The Public Purpose is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal presenting the work of graduate students from the SPA Departments of Government; Justice, Law, and Criminology; and Public Administration and Policy. Founded in 2003,The Public Purpose is supported by the SPA Graduate Council, with involvement and guidance of SPA faculty. More information can be found at the Public Purpose website.
Facebook: AU SPA Graduate Council
Twitter: SPAgradcouncil

Platform: WE CARE

C- Community Involvement.

We promise to do our best to make sure that the the SPA Grad student are given the opportunity to participate in events held not only by our students, but by the entire Au student body, partnering universities in the Public Affairs arena and the DC community as a whole.

A- Accountability.

We promise that we will hold every member that is on the GSC accountable to the needs and wants of our student body. We have built more effective program and event evaluations measures in our constitution to ensure that all of the desires of the student body are reflected in our programming.

R- Responsiveness.

We promise to be available and respond to the diverse needs and wants of our student body. We have embedded in our constitution measures that will allow the student body direct contact with all of their elected representatives of the SPA-GSC, and we will use a plethora of surveys to obtain feedback from the student population.

E- Engagement.

We promise to keep the student body healthy engaged in all of the activities that the SPA-GSC and GLC will conduct in the following school year. We will utilize Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and other popular electronic media to keep the student population aware and involved.